Many miraculous features of the Qur�an prove it is the word of Allah. Facts are revealed in the verses through the scientific facts, the descriptions of the past and the mathematical codes, that could never have been known to anyone at the time. In addition, developments that could never have been learned with the level of knowledge and technology of the time were also indicated in the verses of the Qur�an before the event. The fact that some scientific facts we only attained with 20th and 21st-century technology were revealed in the Qur�an 1400 years ago is clear evidence that the Qur�an cannot be the work of any human being.
One of the verses that may be referring to the future is verse 73 of Surat al-Baqara:

Remember when you killed someone and violently accused each other of it, and Allah brought out what you were hiding. We said, �Hit him with part of it!� In that way Allah gives life to the dead and He shows you His Signs so that hopefully you will understand. (Surat al-Baqara, 72-73)

Among the meanings of the Arabic term �biba�diha,� translated as �with part of it� in the above verse, is �someone or some people.� In the context of that meaning, the verse may be a reference to heart massage, striking the chest from above, which makes it possible to restart the heart if it has stopped beating. (Allah knows the truth.)�

The person to whom the massage is administered has the characteristics of a dead body; loss of consciousness, and the cessation of respiration and heartbeat. With our present-day knowledge, heart massage can be applied to someone whose heart has stopped, enabling heartbeat and vital functions to resume. Pressure is applied to the rib cage at specific intervals during heart massage, and the rhythmic contraction required for it to continue pumping blood is thus established.�

In that context, the striking of a dead body in such a way as to restore it to life, as stated in the verse, may be suggestive of the heart massage technique. The Qur�an is the word of Almighty Allah, He Who creates all things from nothing, Whose knowledge enfolds all things, and Who is unfettered by time and space. Every verse of the Qur�an therefore contains information revealed with the wisdom of our Almighty Lord. In one verse, Allah refers to the Qur�an itself as follows:

... Will they not ponder the Qur�an? If it had been from other than Allah, they would have found many inconsistencies in it. (Surat an-Nisa�, 82)




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